Better Dropshipping Take 10 / Take 20 - How It Works

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Our Take 10 and Take 20 packages for eBay and Amazon provide you with a quick and easy way to start or grow your dropshipping business. With these unique and affordable programs you keep 10% or 20% of every sale. Results are guaranteed.

How It Works - Listing Items

First we will send you a csv file of unique listings to upload to eBay or Amazon as shown. 

The listings we provide are optimized for both common keywords and long tail phrases. Unlike other dropshipping programs we do not share your listings with other sellers.

Example eBay Search Results

As you can see from the search results above there is no competition on eBay because our listing is the only result. This allows you to keep more money from every sale.

Example Amazon Search Results

The Amazon algorithym is a little different but we achieve similar results as shown above.

Example Competitor Results

Because other programs provide a list of items that any of their clients can offer there are often dozens of sellers fighting over pennies. The profit margin on the item shown above is 1% before cash back. With Better Dropshipping there is no race to the bottom. Keep 10% or 20% of every sale in addition to selling fees, guaranteed.

How It Works - Selling Fees & Profit

With this program paying your fees and calculating profit couldn't be easier.

Selling Fees Deductions

With any of our packages your selling fees are covered from the total sale, not deducted from your profit. For Amazon sellers this fee is 15%. On eBay the final value fee is 10% for a starter store and 9.15% for higher tier stores plus processing fees for receiving payments.

Your Profit

You keep a flat 20% of the total collected with Take 20 or 10% with our Take 10 package.


As a Take 20 customer you sell an item on Amazon for $94 plus $6 shipping and collect $100 total. You would keep $20 off the top for your profit, deduct $15 to pay your Amazon fees and forward the remaining $65 to us for fulfillment. (Take 10 customers keep 10%.)

How It Works - Fulfillment

When we developed this program we made sure to keep things simple for our customers. Rather than check out individual items, you simply paste all order information into a single text field using our custom backend as shown below.

After your order is submitted and payment made your order will be processed. Once shipped you will receive a tracking number via email or can check your order manager for updates. 

Cancel Anytime

Should you decide to cancel you will be refunded the full purchase price less any amount you earned as part of the program.