Better Dropshipping 'Grow With Us' - How It Works

Our 'Grow With Us' service for eBay or Amazon is the simplest wholesale dropshipping program available and gives you a guaranteed profit every week or it's free.


With this service we provide you with exclusive listings to sell on your own eBay or Amazon accounts. As we add more listings to the system we distribute them to anyone using this service so that your sales will grow over time. Multiple packages are allowed and a discount is provided. For our sales guarantee please see the FAQ below.

How It Works

Upload the exclusive listings we provide.

Enter orders into our easy to use backend.

Keep up to 20% of your gross sales, plus selling fees, Paypal fees and promoted fees.

Send the remainder to the supplier as instructed.

Relax while we handle the rest.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The weekly fee is $2.95 if you keep 10% of the gross, $5.95 at 15% and  $8.95 at 20% for either eBay or Amazon. For both the weekly fee is $4.95, $9.95 and $14.95 with the multi platform discount. There is a one time setup fee of $98 for the first package on each platform and $49 each additional. For the multi platform package these fees are $149 and $75 each additional. Larger discounts are available for bulk orders, just ask. 

How do I list your items for sale?

To keep things as easy as possible we provide you with CSV files to upload to eBay or Amazon. Once uploaded your listings go live within minutes.

How do I order items that have sold?

Instead of typing orders in one field at a time you simply paste all order details such as the listing URL and shipping address into a single field in our backend then send a combined payment for order fulfillment. 

How much do I keep?

Depending on the package chosen you will keep between 10% and 20% of your total sales in addition to your eBay or Amazon selling fees and all Paypal fees. For eBay we also cover any promoted listing fees as well. 

Example 20% level: Your item sells for $100 including shipping. Paypal takes $3.20 for fees and you would pay eBay $9.15. You would keep $20.00 representing 20% of the overall gross and send the remaining $67.65 for the product cost and fulfillment.

What about returns?

We offer no BS returns. Your customers send returns to a single address you list on your account. As you know some customers will send returns to the address on the package and those are refunded as well as long as tracking is provided. If no tracking is provided you are not required by either platform to refund the item. We provide a full refund for all items claimed damaged or similar and a full refund less 50% of the originally shipping fee for those that qualify for the shipping deduction.

What are the requirements?

This service is for sellers large and small and is designed to help you grow your account and sales over time. For those with larger accounts you can sign up for multiple packages and discounts are provided, just ask. 

What is your sales guarantee?

There is no upper limit on sales. You will be invoiced, not billed, for each week of service automatically but if your total sales per package do not reach $80.00 in that time period then the invoice will be cancelled. If you registered for multiple packages you pay the weekly fee only on those where the minimum has been reached. Two packages and $150 in sales equal one invoice due with the other cancelled.