Done For You eBay Wholesale Dropshipping - How It Works

Our 'Done For You' service for eBay wholesale dropshipping is the most comprehensive and easy to use solution available anywhere. Please find complete program details below.


With this program all product research, sourcing, listing, price adjustments, order fulfillment and more are taken care of on your behalf with nearly complete automation.


You keep 20% of the total sale price for each item, guaranteed

Example: Your item sells for $100 including shipping. Paypal takes $3.20 for fees and you would pay eBay $9.15. Of the $87.65 balance you would keep $20.00 and pay $67.65 for the product cost and fulfillment. 

Listing Items

We send a file that you upload to eBay and your optimized listings go live in minutes. 

After you register for this program we will send you a file to upload to your eBay account. This file contains exclusive product listing that are optimized for relevant search terms. Titles, product images and descriptions are included and the listings will go live within minutes.

Maximizing Sales

Each listing provided has been fully optimized for the best performance in eBay search, promoted listings and Google Shopping. 

You can offer discounts of up to 30% off the listed price using eBay promotions. Our data shows that using promotional discounts vs a lower starting price increases sales by up 40%.

You can promote your listings via the eBay system to increase sales. If you choose the quarterly payment option we'll cover the additional fees at our expense.

Order Fulfillment

For each item that sells you will deduct 9.15% to cover eBay fees, 2.9% and 30 cents for Paypal fees and 20% of the total sale for your profit. The remaining balance will be sent to a wholesale supplier as instructed for product and fulfillment costs.

It is possible to automate order fulfillment by setting your eBay account to send a scheduled email that includes all outstanding orders. Those orders will be filled without further input from you as long as your wholesale cost and fulfillment payment has been received. 

Additional Information & FAQ